If the Y cancels a class due to lack of enrollment or facility conflict, a full refund or credit will be issued. If the class participant cancels, credits (after a $10 service fee) will be issued as follows: before the session begins: 100% refund or credit; during the first week: 75% credit; during the second week: 50% credit; after the second week: no refunds/credits will be issued. Credits will be honored for one year from date of issue. Camp and Child Care deposits are non-refundable. Please see Camp or Child Care handbook for policies.

Makeups are only considered with a doctor’s note and are not always available. This is due to class ratios and our commitment to consistency and quality of lessons. Please select carefully at registration as classes fill quickly. Free swim level assessments are offered; please ask any aquatics staff member. Child must meet listed min. age requirements by first day of class. Classes that do not meet a minimum enrollment will be cancelled. An alternate class will be offered if available. If a class is full, please ask the Welcome Center to add your child to the wait list as a spot may become available. A child cannot be on a wait list and registered for the same level class at another time simultaneously unless you intend to take both classes. Pools close in the event of thunder and/or lightning and will reopen 30 minutes after the last event. If a closure occurs during a class, safety skills are taught outside the pool area for the remainder of the lesson. In the event of contamination, the pool will be closed for up to 24 hours. Please have your child use the bathroom before entering the pool area to help prevent this occurrence.

Camp deposits are $50 per 1-week session, $100 per 2 or 3-week session, and $20 per extended care session. Deposits are not required to be placed on a wait list. Final camp payments/balances are automatically charged to the credit card provided at registration (unless arrangements are made in advance to pay by cash, check or alternate credit card). Unpaid balances after the due date are considered a cancellation, and the deposit is forfeited. The camper’s spot is made available the following day. Limited openings may remain just prior to a camp session. There is a $25 fee for registering as of Thursday before the session.
Changes and cancellations must be made in writing and handed in person to the Welcome Center. There are no Y credits or refunds for deposits or membership fees. For camp paid in full, the camp deposit amount applies. There is a $25 fee per family for a change or a $10 fee (plus the non-refundable deposit) for a cancellation that is refunded. There are no refunds after June 1. Y credits are honored up to one year from date of issue as follows: 100% Y credit or refund, less camp deposit amount, if cancelled on or by June 1; 50% Y credit, less camp deposit amount, if cancelled on or by June 15; No Y credit after June 22 If the Y cancels a camp due to lack of enrollment or facility conflict, a full Y credit or refund is issued.
Most camps are only available to Westfield Area Y members. Membership must be active at the time of registration and through the end of camp. Family and Teen members receive the lowest camp fees and have full membership privileges. For camp only, pre-teens and teens may obtain a Basic membership (normally ages 12 and under). A Non-Member fee is available for a total of one week of specialty camp if listed with a “NM” fee.


I desire to use the Westfield Area YMCA facilities (including but not limited to all public areas, the swimming pools, gymnasiums, locker rooms, steam rooms, showers, etc.) and to engage in the Westfield Area YMCA programs/activities and or exercise programs and in the use of all the equipment designed for programs/activities and or exercising in order to attempt to improve my physical fitness. I understand that my use of any and all of the Westfield YMCA facilities and the activities that I am about to engage in may result in physical injury to me. More specifically, I understand that the activities are designed to place a gradually increasing workload on both my muscular and cardiovascular systems. The reaction of my muscular or cardiovascular systems to such activities cannot be predicted. I understand that there is a risk of certain undesirable changes that might occur during or following such exercise. These changes might include abnormalities of blood pressure, heart rate, sprains, strains, or worse. I understand that I should consult with a physician before beginning any exercise programs or the use of any of the exercise equipment or exercise facilities at t he Westfield Area YMCA. I understand that if I am taking medication, I should also check with my physician to learn how it may affect my ability to exercise safely. I know that I am responsible for monitoring my own physical condition throughout any exercise programs and that if I experience any unusual symptoms or physical conditions while exercising, I will immediately cease my participation in that form of exercise, and inform my instructor and my doctor of the unusual symptoms that I had experienced. In the event that a medical clearance form must be obtained prior to my participation in any exercise program or prior to my use of any exercise equipment or facilities, I agree to consult with my doctor and obtain such a medical clearance form prior to beginning exercise. I acknowledge that I have read and that I understand this form to its entirety. I also understand the nature of the programs/activities and or exercise programs, equipment, and facilities offered at The Westfield Area YMCA and accept all risks associated with my use of all of the Westfield Area YMCA facilities, and my participation in all programs/activities including exercise programs, and use of exercise and or other equipment. I understand that I am solely responsible for any and all injuries, disabilities or death that I may sustain as a result of using the Westfield Area YMCA including but not limited to engaging in exercise at the Westfield Area YMCA, irrespective of any consultation provided by the Westfield Area YMCA employees. In consideration for being allowed to use the Westfield Area YMCA facilities and to participate in the Westfield Area YMCA programs/activities and or exercise programs and to utilize the weights, machinery, exercise equipment, apparatus or exercise facilities at the Westfield Area YMCA, I agree to assume the risk that accompanies the use of all of the Westfield YMCA facilities and with exercise. I further agree that The Westfield Area YMCA and its agents shall not be liable to me for any claims, suits, losses or related causes of action for damages, including but not limited to such claims that may result from my injury or death, accidental or otherwise, during or arising in any way from my use of any part of the Westfield Area YMCA facilities, from my participation in exercise programs or from my use of any weights, machinery, exercise equipment, apparatus or exercise facilities at the Westfield Area YMCA. Finally, I agree to hold the Westfield Area YMCA and its agents harmless from any and all claims which may be brought against them by me or on my behalf for any injuries or death resulting from my use of the Westfield Area YMCA or participation at the Westfield Area YMCA.


I give permission to the Westfield Area YMCA to use any photographs taken of me or my family for publicity purposes.


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